Augsburg, 2021

Unser Projekt „elimu haina mwisho“ unterstützte im Jahr 2021 eine Studentin und einen Studenten aus der Südzentraldiözese in Makete, Tansania. Die jungen Menschen studieren recht erfolgreich im 2. Semester Evangelische Theologie am Madihani Theological College. Durch unser und weitere Spendenprojekte erhalten die beiden Student:innen die Chance, einen Beruf zu erlernen um einmal selbständig für den eigenen Lebensunterhalt aufkommen zu können.

Im neuen Jahr 2022 werden die beiden ein weiteres Mal durch das Spendenprojekt begleitet. Das  ist möglich durch großzügige größere und kleinere Spendeneingänge durch Menschen in und um Augsburg. Herzlichen Dank! Weitere Infos rund um das Projekt und Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten unter

Viel Spaß beim Lesen des Berichts über die Verwendung der Spende von unserem Partner Elliot Kissilo. Dazu folgenden Link öffnen: Bericht 2021

Eure / Ihre Diakonin Beatrix Bayerle


Augsburg, 2019

Hallo ihr Lieben,

unser Elimu Projekt ist wieder neu durchgestartet und aufgrund einer großzügigen Spende konnte wieder einmal einigen Schüler_innen geholfen werden, die Schule zu besuchen bzw. eine Ausbildung zu finanzieren.

Mehr über das Projekt gibt’s unter

Hier ein neuer Bericht von unserem Partner Kirimia Ilomo über die Verwendung der Spende.

Eure Marlene


Hallo Marlene.
I promised to write you last week but sorry I didn’t afford.

Today I would like to report to you the use of 1000 Euro I received from Augsburg for Elimu haina mwisho.

  1. School fees and accommodation for Benson  Mvela from Utengle.(200 Euro)He has completed Building construction course
  2.  School fees for  Oni  Sanga from Bulongwa (250 Euro)She has competed Advaced level Education, she is searching for university
  3. Training fee for Florence Ilomo from Tandala (180 Euro)Florence was learning Tailoring, now is ni Tandala working as tailor for women costumes
  4. School materials and accommodation for Evelina Sanga from Usagatikwa(150Euro)She was in last year  Ordinary level secondary school in Lupalilo Sec. She has completed her studies.
  5. School fees for Oscar Kyando from Utengule (200 Euro)He is taking Diploma in Medicine for three years in Njombe. This is a first year for him, he needs more support.

So for the next contribution I will use for him and for some new from Edwina Mwihavagila, we are working together now.
I regret for not having photos from these guys, because they are not in Tandala, the only person I can get her Photo in good quality is Florence.
Thank you for your support
We are very happy to see in couple of months to come. May be You can visit some of the beneficiaries (Tandala and Njombe may be)
Stay blessed.



Augsburg, 2017

Liebe Elimu-Spender und -Interessierte,

wir haben einen neuen Bericht über die Verwendung der Spenden erhalten. Wieder einmal ist es sehr schön zu lesen, wie vielen jungen Menschen geholfen werden konnte!

Elimu haina Mwisho  Project

Dear Marlene, I received  4.247,22 Euro from you last year with following distribution suggestions.

Diakonie Tandala 1700 Euro- Elikana Kitahenga is responsible for report.
For other projects 1700 Euro( Trainings )
School program  800 Euro( Primary and secondary school)


  1. Evelina Sanga- Secondary school Student Form Three Lupalilo Secondary
  2. Benson Mvela- Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA)  Student –Makete
  3. Onorata sanga- Tailoring Training( She has completed the training)
  4. Florence Ilomo- Tailoring ( Still taking training)

Evelina Sanga (272,000Tsh for one year)
She is a student in Lupalilo Secondary school from Usagatikwa Village, her family is total poor. She has been getting support from her relatives since she started form one after a while some of relatives died. The burden was too big for the family. I decided to help them through this Project for school materials and Food contribution in the school for the rest time.

Benson Mvela ( 350,000Tsh for the first year)
Is a young man from Utengule. More about his situation Mathayo said he explained to you. He requires School fees and accommodation. I have paid for him this year and he will be getting money for the next seasons according to requirements. I have got his joining Instruction Letter which shows all costs.
I have paid him for the first year.

Onorata Sanga( 345,000Tsh)
Is a young woman raised with single parent from Maliwa Village near Tandala. After completing form four she didn’t continue with further studies because her mother had no money. She decided to lean professional tailoring Mart for two years. The problem was training and learning materials costs. The first six months she paid herself the next 18 months has got money from the project. Now she is already with training. She can work in Tandala/Ikonda as tailor, she can pay for working materials (Textile) and Tailoring machine and rent of the room where she works in.

Florence Ilomo( 300,000Tsh a year)
Is a young woman from Tandala, living at home with her mother. She has completed Diploma in Community development but six years now has got no stable employment. She has decided to learn Tailoring Mart for two years starting from March this year. She has bought her own tailoring machine,I have paid for the first year.

I still have a waiting list of four people who are going to get money after completing the requirements we have agreed. Two from Adrick Mwambemba, one from Pastor Mathayo and one from Tandala. They must bring to me all documents from their schools for me to be sure with what they are going to do.

Dear Diacon Marlene and others,
I greet you all happing that you are doing well in all aspects, in spite of life challenges we face each other daily. On my side I’m doing well too.
On behalf of the beneficiaries of the project I would like to thank you for your love to us. For sure you have caused a movement in life of many young people who were about to lose life direction.
Today I send you a preliminary report about what your money has done.
May you please keep on tolerating us and helping us whenever you can. More over don’t remain quit when you have some questions.


 Diacon Kirimia Ilomo.




Augsburg, 2016

Liebe EJler,

anbei findet ihr den Bericht von Deacon Elikana Kitahenga. Er erzählt Euch davon, was mit dem Geld aus dem Elimu Projekt alles verwirklicht werden konnte. Wir können nur sagen, sehr genial!



Dear friends in Jesus Christ, We greet you with the Word from, John 13:34,

Many thanks for your financial support sent to us to support the vocational training as we requested. Your support has helped us in co-financing the two classes of tailoring and carpentry run by the Diaconical Centre Tandala (DIACETA). We have four participants in the tailoring class: 2 boys and two girls and all are handicapped as well as orphans. In the carpentry class we have only boys, who are also either handicapped or orphans.

Both classes are doing well in their training since their start in 2016; and they are now in the second year of the training. The tailoring training  is  being  conducted  by  instructor Ronester  Mgaya (see picture in the wheelchair), who is herself also physically handicapped and has been formerly empowered by this centre in different stages of schooling. The present tailoring class can already make gowns, shirts, shorts and other school uniforms. In this year we will train them about making trousers and other fashions of clothes and thereafter they will sit for VETA examination (Tanzania’s Vocational Education Training Authority) in relation to tailoring in order to evaluate the training.

The carpentry class is being trained beneficiary of our school vocational training – with very good and can already master several aim is to enable these also to have a recognition by sitting for VETA One of the problems we face at the goods for the training like linen, timber, wood glue, nails, varnish, by Asifiwe Kyando; also a deaf and former programme from primary school up to results. The apprentices are also hard learning joinery works and make simple furniture. The successful and reputable end with national exams. moment is inflation resulting in higher prices of needle, threads, oils for the sewing machines, etc.

In this report we have also attached the financial part as expenditures for the past year, part of which is money from your support. Thank you very much once again for the financial support we got from you through the special Elimu Haina Mwisho programme. It helps us a lot in facing the challenges and fixing essential gaps. We look forward to continual cooperation with you.

ELCT – South Central Diocese – Department for Diaconical Work

Financial Report for Carpentry and Tailoring Vocational Training

No. Total Price in Unit Total Price in
Items Amount Unit Price TZS Amount price TZS
1 Training – 3
Wood 300 7,500.00 2,250,000.00 310 6500 2,015,000.00
Nails in kg 30 3,500.00 105,000.00 12 3400 40,800.00
Working clothes 3 45,000.00 135,000.00 4 40000 160,000.00
Hammers 3 17,500.00 52,500.00 4 14500 58,000.00
Hand saws 3 10,500.00 31,500.00 4 10500 42,000.00
Total 2,574,000.00 2,315,800.00
2 Training – 7
Bales of cloth 12 45,000.00 540,000.00 6 42000 252,000
Yarn in dozens 24 2,500.00 60,000.00 24 2250 54,000
Needles in dozens 20 500.00 10,000.00 18 500 9,000
fasteners/zippers 10 5000 50,000
in dozens 20 4,500.00 90,000.00
Sewing machines 7 350,000.00 2,450,000.00 4 370000 1,480,000
Scissors 7 85,000.00 595,000.00 4 78000 312,000
Buttons in dozens 15 3,000.00 45,000.00 10 2800 28,000
Total 3,790,000.00 2,185,000
3 Administration
and Facilitation
Communication 12 5000 60,000
per month 12 5,000.00 60,000.00
Stationery and 12 17500 210,000
office works 12 35,000.00 420,000.00


Total 480,000.00 270,000
4 Transportation
Firewood – trips 4 280,000.00 1,120,000.00 2 285000 570000
Training materials 2 88000 176000
– instalments 2 86,000.00 172,000.00
Total 1,292,000.00 746000
5 Trainers
Coordinator –
Allowances per
month 12 45,000.00 540,000.00 12 45000 540,000
Trainers per
4 70000 840,000
Carpentry 12 70,000.00 840,000.00
70000 70,000
Tailoring 12 70,000.00 840,000.00
Total 2,220,000.00 1,450,000
6 Other Expenses
Study tour – once 1 950,000.00 950,000.00
Graduation 1 480,000.00 480,000.00
Accommodation 12 10,000.00 120,000.00 12 10,000 120,000
Meals allowances
– per person per 8 160,000 1,280,000
year 10 240,000.00 2,400,000.00
Medical treatment 6 30,000.00 180,000.00 1 15,000 15,000
Total 2,700,000.00 1,415,000
Grand Total 14,486,000.00 8,381,800
Total income from Elimu Haina Mwisho (€ 1.700,-) 3,041,700
Total Expenses 8,381,800
Difference (5,340,100)

Deacon Elikana Kitahenga Director for Diakonia ELCT – SCD 0767 680 337

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